First off, let me apologize for serving the appetizer late today.  I have realized this Advent season that although we have more services in the week leading up to Easter, Advent and Christmas are busier.  One reason things are so busy is that we have been working on the final touches of our annual Christmas concert.  We will present our program Sunday night at 5:00 and will feature our Adult Choir, both children’s choirs, and both handbell choirs.  I really do hope you will come out and join us as we “celebrate Christ’s birth.” 

 Sunday morning we will light the candle of peace during our worship service.  I for one have been so stressed to the max over the last few days with everything going on and the specter of even more projects that desperately need my attention that peace seems only a distant goal.   I’m sure many of you are in the same condition.  So far, I have only bought one, that’s right, one Christmas gift.  It’s a new wallet for my grandma that I happened to see as I was heading for lunch at the Four Seasons Mall food court while attending the Baptist State Convention in November.  Am I alone in finding it strange that we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace by becoming stressed out?  Jesus said that He was leaving us His peace, a peace that the world does not give to us.  Sunday, we will explore what that peace is and how we can experience it more.  I hope you will join us.