I love to listen to the radio. I wore out a set of headphones as a child listening ever so discreetly to radio stations across the nation long after I should have “signed off” for the night. Even now, there is always some radio station on in my house at almost any given time. I have a station list in my head for everywhere I travel regularly so that I can find something to listen to while away. Recently, I found myself in Raleigh unable to find anything to meet my listening needs when I thought about trying to tune in a radio station I listened to almost all the time when I lived in Chapel Hill. KLOVE is a national Christian music radio network and I love it’s format. I will even listen to it on the internet sometimes I enjoy it so much. The problem is that when you are in East Raleigh it’s difficult to pick it up and that is where I was at the time. I tried it however and through a very weak signal I heard Chris Tomlin singing “How Great Is Our God.” I have heard the song countless times, but it spoke to me in ways I had never heard before. Here I was feeling down, I was going to the hospital a place filled with worry and discouragement, and I was in a community that was being hit hard by the recession through layoffs and home foreclosures and suddenly it all seemed insignificant in the light of thinking how great God is. He is so much bigger than anything you and I can ever face and His desire is for us to seize hold of that truth. It occurred to me as I sat there at the stoplight and let that truth wash over me that there were people all over the Triangle who needed to hear that truth as well, but because they were tuned in to other things they were oblivious to the message. The question for us is whether we are tuned in to the message? Do we regularly hear the good news that God is bigger than any problem, worry, concern, or trial? Zephaniah tells us that “The Lord your God is with you, he is might to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing” but do we ever hear His song? I’ve found that the closer I get to a radio station the clearer the signal becomes, the same is true with God. If you can’t pick up His signal or it’s coming in a little fuzzy, try moving closer to Him and hear the good news He has to share.

Peace be with you.